Antofu Vietnam

Antofu Vietnam is a company invested with 100% Japanese capital and technology according to the principle of 3 no: no preservatives, no gypsum and non-GMO raw materials, 100% Antofu’s soybeans are imported from the US and Canada. Antofu fresh tofu is produced according to a closed process to help the product retain the characteristic flavor and nutritional composition of the bean.

Non-GMO Tofu Antofu is one of the popular dishes in the Asian diet, bringing many benefits for health and beauty care. Antofu is committed to providing the community with the best and best quality nutrition with its own respect, love and high responsibility for human life and society.

Over the years, with many efforts to constantly improve machinery and technology, improve product quality, Antofu Vietnam Joint Stock Company continuously researches and creates clean tofu products, serving the needs of customers. health for consumers, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Production area: Đông Anh, Hà Nội