What’s good to eat with green rice

 – Bread rolls

Banh gio is a type of cake made from plain rice flour, the filling is made from lean pork and wood ear. This type of cake is very popular in the northern provinces. The cake is often served with cinnamon rolls, skewers, spring rolls, sausages or fried rice. The crust is soft, flexible, with a layer of fatty leopard filling, seasoned to taste, served with cucumber, cinnamon rolls and fried rice, nothing is as delicious.


Depending on the style and taste, the owner himself adds a variety of toppings. And in each shop, there is a delicious taste that holds the footsteps of diners. People in Hanoi can eat banh gio with spring rolls at Thuy Khue’s Banh Gio restaurant; Today’s market or Nguyen Cong Tru’s spring rolls. In Saigon, you can buy it at Auntie Linh’s spring rolls, Hong Phuc spring rolls, …

 – Noodles with bean paste with shrimp paste

This is one of the few salty snacks that are loved by many people in all three regions of the country. This dish is very simple, with just a few hot and crispy fried bean curd molds, leaf vermicelli, boiled meat, sausages, pork intestines, fried rice nuggets, dipped with salty shrimp paste. That alone has captivated countless generations. In each region, vermicelli noodles have their own variations, but in order to make a delicious vermicelli with shrimp paste, it is necessary to have cha com.


In Saigon, you can enjoy vermicelli with shrimp paste and fried rice at the Homemade Bun Dau restaurant; Ms. Khan’s bean vermicelli shop,…

 – Sticky rice with sticky rice

Not only served with spring rolls, vermicelli, and fried rice are also used by Hanoians as ingredients to eat with other kinds of sticky rice such as white sticky rice, xeo sticky rice, gac sticky rice. In Saigon, the style of using sticky rice with cha com is not common and is not well known. For those of you in Hanoi, you can visit Ba Thao sticky rice – Duong Thanh or Co Kim sticky rice at 25 Lo Duc to enjoy.


Cha com served alone is delicious, making toppings for sticky rice, vermicelli, banh cuon or banh gio is even better. Through the article about what is delicious to eat with fried rice, I hope you have chosen for yourself a dish to accompany your family. Have a delicious meal everyone!